Honorable Media


The American Music Awards took place last night and featured some great performances by music A-listers. Here are a few of the performances in no particular order.

Kanye West performed “Heartless” . I love the stage set and Kanye brought a lot of intensity and emotion to his performance. I know a lot of people aren’t feeling the auto-tuner, but the effect was slightly subtle and didn’t drown out Kanye’s distinct delivery. Good performance by Mr. West.

Beyonce performed “Single Ladies”. This is pretty much the same performance from Saturday Night Live, but she did a great job. Her outfit was cute and she was working the hell out of that ponytail. I can’t wait to see what she does for the other songs on her album. She was filming a video for “Diva” this weekend so it’s only a matter of time before she starts performing it live.

Rihanna performed “Rehab” and she did an excellent job. I’ve been saying for 8 months now that this chick has more talent than she is given credit for and she showed a glimpse into how much she has grown vocally in her performance. I’m sure there will still be people who will shrug and say she is wack, but you can’t deny that she hit and held some impressive notes. I loved her performance and she looked stunning as usual. Read More…


Beyonce hit up Saturday Night Live and did a hilarious skit and performed her two singles. For the skit, SNL spoofed her “Single Ladies” video. The real scene stealer was Justin Timberlake who wore a one piece dance suit and heels along with two other actors to play the backup dancers. The chunky dude had me rollin too. Beyonce could’ve shown a bit more personality and bad assness with her parts…but I don’t know if that was the direction she was given or her just doing her usual. At any rate…PURE COMEDY.

Watch Beyonce Perform ”If I Were A Boy”. There is no denying that she sounds incredible (aside from a few shaky moments)…but watching her made me think of how phenomenal she would be if she had that authenticity and soul of someone like Mary J. Blige. Beyonce is an excellent performer…but you can see that she is performing and not re-living the lyrics of her song. If this was Mary singing it she would be hopping up and down, kicking, screaming…and not because she is trying to put on a show but because she loses herself in her music. I’m not saying Beyonce has to do all that, but I think if she ever lets her guard down and let’s loose she will draw people in a much different and deeper way. Read More…


Today Beyonce’s new video for “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” hit the net. I like the simplicity of the video even though I really sat here thinking, is this one scene going to be the entire video? The answer is yes, so let me just warn you right now so that you can enjoy the video much more. One thing that Beyonce has been absolutely brilliant about is giving the ladies dance moves they can take and run with in the clubs (i.e. Crazy In Love). Ciara may have great dance moves, but let’s be real you aren’t going to walk into a dance club and see women on the ground with their legs up in the air or doing the splits…Beyonce knows this and she keeps her dance moves simple and easy to emulate. Read More…



Janet Jackson- Discipline: HOT! This is a great dance album, so much energy, and Janet’s swagger is incredible. She is back! This CD, boys, is great for a present for your lovely female halves but you can also check these Valentine’s gift ideas if you want something more… luxary!

Erykah Badu- New Amerykah: It pains me to say this but I’m not feeling this at all on any level. I love Badu, but I can’t get with this. I get it, she is going for the Black Militant/Hip Hop consciousness thing so I’m sure people who don’t want to seem un-enlightened will be reluctant to criticize…but I really don’t give a damn. I’ll give her cool points for tackling some serious issues, but on the other hand she totally abandoned addressing more personal aspects of life. The highlight of the album to me was the only genuinely personal song “Me”. She should have tried to find some sort of balance. With that said there are a few good songs, but nothing on the level of anything on Mama’s Gun. Read More…