Beyonce hit up Saturday Night Live and did a hilarious skit and performed her two singles. For the skit, SNL spoofed her “Single Ladies” video. The real scene stealer was Justin Timberlake who wore a one piece dance suit and heels along with two other actors to play the backup dancers. The chunky dude had me rollin too. Beyonce could’ve shown a bit more personality and bad assness with her parts…but I don’t know if that was the direction she was given or her just doing her usual. At any rate…PURE COMEDY.

Watch Beyonce Perform ”If I Were A Boy”. There is no denying that she sounds incredible (aside from a few shaky moments)…but watching her made me think of how phenomenal she would be if she had that authenticity and soul of someone like Mary J. Blige. Beyonce is an excellent performer…but you can see that she is performing and not re-living the lyrics of her song. If this was Mary singing it she would be hopping up and down, kicking, screaming…and not because she is trying to put on a show but because she loses herself in her music. I’m not saying Beyonce has to do all that, but I think if she ever lets her guard down and let’s loose she will draw people in a much different and deeper way.

Watch Beyonce Perform ”Single Ladies”. You know this chick is in incredible shape to be dancing hella hard one second then belting out the song the next second. I’m sure I would have to be wheeled off in a stretcher if you put my ass on stage and told me to do all that lol. All of that is to say…HOT performance!