Janelle Monae has a new video for her song “Many Moons”. First…let me start by saying that Janelle Monae is a remarkably incredible artist. The honorable and I had the pleasure of checking her out at her showcase in Hollywood a few months back and she absolutely blew me away! I’ve mildly criticized Solange for being a little gimmicky and contrived in her whole throwback pseudo-Diana Ross look, but Janelle Monae is the truth. I like Solange and enjoyed her in concert, but she comes across as a girl playing dress up. On the other hand Janelle’s artistry (which for the record I’m not saying is in competition with Solange) comes across as something very organic and innate. Her voice is just as incredible live as it is on the record and she is like a hurricane of energy. It is impossible to stand still and not spaz out watching her perform. The video perfectly captures her persona, her edginess, and her creativity. The costumes, the concept, and the focus on what she does best-performing all make this video fantastic. I expect this to go over the heads of the 106 & Park crowd, but that’s not a knock on Janelle. I love, love, love this…and I highly recommend you checking out her EP “The Metropolis: The Chase Suite” available on Itunes now.