Today Beyonce’s new video for “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” hit the net. I like the simplicity of the video even though I really sat here thinking, is this one scene going to be the entire video? The answer is yes, so let me just warn you right now so that you can enjoy the video much more. One thing that Beyonce has been absolutely brilliant about is giving the ladies dance moves they can take and run with in the clubs (i.e. Crazy In Love). Ciara may have great dance moves, but let’s be real you aren’t going to walk into a dance club and see women on the ground with their legs up in the air or doing the splits…Beyonce knows this and she keeps her dance moves simple and easy to emulate. THAT is what makes a R&B song a club banger and a smash hit. This is the kind of song that ladies can have a lot of fun with…it’s catchy, bad a$$, and perfect for lots of shaking, popping, and winding. Thumbs up for Beyonce…she has the substance with “If I Were a Boy” and the energetic dance track with “Single Ladies”.