Beyonce appeared on Ellen and for once didn’t come across so plastic and guarded. She shared some details of her life with Jay-Z and I found it quite charming and even funny at times. This video doesn’t show her performances, but if you’re a fan you will probably enjoy it. Oh yeah and sidebar: Beyonce really needs to stop fronting like she doesn’t “use profanity” when she has cursed on quite a few songs. There are a lot worse things a person can do than have a potty mouth, so she doesn’t have to lie to kick it lol.

Beyonce performed her two singles and Ellen’s favorite song “Flaws and All”. I don’t recall ever seeing her perform “Flaws” live, so I was interested in seeing what she did with the song. Vocally she sounded beautiful as usual and her performance seemed more emotional than usual. With Beyonce you can never tell if she is being the ultimate performer and acting or if she is genuinely feeling the emotion in her song, but there were parts where it seemed like she was singing as if the only person watching in the entire world was her hubby Jay-Z. Very sweet and wonderful performance.