mariah nick

Here is the story:

“A source close to Nick Cannon has confirmed exclusively to Latina.com that Cannon and Mariah Carey are married! The couple wed yesterday in a small ceremony on an island and it was “very impulsive,” according to our source. The wedding was attended by a few close friends of the couple, including Da Brat. “

Hmmm…Nick Cannon seems to consistently find himself in these engagement/marriage rumors. Last year after All Star Weekend, the gossip ran rampant that he eloped with Selita Banks and that turned out to be false. So…I’m taking this one with a grain of salt. It seems a little unbelievable that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have bluehost never been photographed together hanging out yet they’re tight enough to get married. But…stranger things have happened. I truly hope that Mariah hasn’t reduced herself to some lame publicity stunt which she clearly doesn’t need to sell a massive amount of records. IF they are in fact married though…then my congrats go out to them.

Update from Us Magazine:

Nick Cannon’s family has confirmed that the 27-year-old actor has wed singer Mariah Carey, 39. Family member Linda Cannon told E! that Nick called her with the good news. “Yes, we know. He called us and told us all about it,” she said. “We are happy for him. If that is what he wants, then we are happy for him.” She added, “I’m not going to give you any details, but we are happy for him.”

Hmm…”if that is what he wants”…that’s an odd statement to make and kind of adds credibility to the claim that is was a very impulsive decision by the two to get hitched. I’m still suspicious that they really got married, especially considering that they got “married” in the Bahamas. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them pull a Tracey and Eddie and never legally finalize their marriage in the US. However…like I said earlier, if this is really a genuine relationship and not just another crazy publicity stunt then more power to them and I hope it lasts.